family photography session | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

Capturing the everyday, as ordinary as that may sound, is something that I find beautiful. The natural smiles, the real emotions and the purity of each image holds so much more impact and meaning. And this beautiful family session captures this perfectly.

Ellis, 11 days new, and big sister Amalie, melted my heart. I could of photographed them all day. The little mischievous moments, the gentle kisses and the perfectly timed hand holding made every moment adorable, and a joy to capture. 

Prepared with cuddly toys, bubbles and biscuits, mum and dad had the bribery and corruption under control. Meaning all I needed to do was snap at every lovely moment, in between the mouthfuls of biscuit. But whats a few crumbs between family. 

Family photography sessions can take place anywhere, from the studio to your favourite place, and even from the comfort of your own home. It’s about the time spent, the memories made and the moments captured.   

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