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December didn’t bring the snow and cold that we all long for at this time of year, however that didn’t stop the festive spirit of the Cooke Family. I was delighted to be invited to their newly renovated home, to capture a family that was going to enjoy their first Christmas together, in a home they’d built with all the love in the world.

Teddy was enjoying jam on toast as I walked in, and to the side was a pile of gingerbread men all waiting to be decorated. A messy, yet enjoyable moment as mum, dad and Teddy all sat around the kitchen table icing, sprinkling and eating their way through each biscuit. 

The house was filled with smiles as we made our way upstairs, moving from room to room capturing moments and memories. Teddy picking his favourite book and reading by the window, to tickling and cuddling on mum and dads bed. That’s the magic of photographing families in their own homes, you’re telling a story that is so personal, and precious, that it’s always beautiful.

Family photography sessions can take place anywhere, from the studio to your favourite place, and even from the comfort of your own home. It’s about the time spent, the memories made and the moments captured.  

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