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  1. family photography session | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    22 Jan 2016

    December didn’t bring the snow and cold that we all long for at this time of year, however that didn’t stop the festive spirit of the Cooke Family. I was delighted to be invited to their newly renovated home, to capture a family that was going to enjoy their first…

  2. family photography session | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    06 Dec 2015

    Getting to photograph a family, big or small, is something that I’m lucky enough to enjoy every week. And this week was no different. The Davin Family welcomed a lovely little bundle of joy to their already beautiful family, and of course wanted to capture a few special moments together. …

  3. hyde barn wedding photography | wedding photographer oxfordshire

    19 Jul 2015

    In the photography industry, it’s often ‘all for one… and all for one’ so the idea of moving into the wedding photography industry with little experience was a more than daunting task. However, with a little help from a very kind and patient local photographer, Potters Instinct Photography, who after…

  4. newborn photography session | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    13 Jul 2015

    This newborn photography session was shot a few months ago, when this handsome little boy was only 12 days old. Still so peaceful and delicate, with his tiny hands and tiny toes. There’s nothing quite like photographing a newborn baby, the infamous smell of a new bundle of joy, the…

  5. blenheim palace woodstock | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    08 Jul 2015

    My impatience often gets the better of my when I’m editing family photography sessions, and this session was one I couldn’t wait to download, edit, share and write all about. It couldn’t have been more perfect, the sun was shining brightly, and rather warmly, over Blenheim Palace, we had a…

  6. shotover country park | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    03 Jul 2015

    There’s not many places that don’t come alive with a little bit of blue sky and sunshine, and Shotover Country Park, Oxford, was one of those places. With views across south oxfordshire, and woodlands pathed with buttercups, it was a perfect location for a Father’s Day family photography session.  To…

  7. natural light photography | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    02 Jul 2015

    Tucked away in the corner of my studio is a window of potential, and with the sunshine seeming to be sticking around I rolled up the blind and let the nautral light pour in. Off with the lighting, out with the reflector and hello to the early morning sunshine, deep…

  8. family photography session | lifestyle photographer oxfordshire

    02 Jul 2015

    Everyone remembers a teddy bears picnic, singing the lyrics proudly as soon as you ‘go down to the woods’. This beautiful mother and daugther photography session deep in the woods not only made my heart, and camera, sing with happiness, but that very tune whirled through my head with every…

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